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Is Your Medical Practice Getting Creative in Hard Times


The economy is bad, people are losing their homes, and we are seeing signs of the bad times. Patients may not visit specialists and save money during such hard times. The question then becomes: Has your office adapted or modified the way you do business?

During these hard times, and a slow down of doctor office visits, has your office reacted to change? If not, you may want to read this story published on cnn.com about a dentist who decided to get creative and step outside of the box. He decided to practice at a Truck Stop. One that has 35, 000 people stop by every week. Click here to read more…..

No, we are not advocating that your practice open an office next at a truck stop area. But has your office changed the way you do business to attract patients, to help encourage them to seek treatment for their feet? If not, you may consider brainstorming with your entire office in creative ways to help bring-in patients.

You may consider doing some of the following:

  • Offering Flexible hours. Perhaps, extending your hour of service past 5pm, since most patients are more reluctant to take time off work in this bad economy.
  • What about offering a 10% discount to your patients that pay with greenbacks. Think of it… no credit card fees, no waiting for checks to clear, no insurance adjustments.
  • If your office is experiencing a slowdown, why not take advantage and have one of your staff members do marketing a few hours a week.

I hope reading this inspires your office to think of possible ways to bring in more patients.

-Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC

  1. Amanda Coffman
    March 25, 2009 at 1:47 am

    I have finally talked my employer into selling some products, finally charging for the pads,silipos, etc, and also pre-fab inserts. We have been selling CROCs RX, Biofreeze, and Hydrostat. We have done well with those so I am excited to see what else we can market for our patients. The only bad thing I have encountered is the established patients complaining about me selling the pads/silipos after years of them getting them for free. I sent out a letter before I started this explaining with the cost of over head and reimbursements that it was a painful decisions to make. But when the Dr. is doing a 11719 ( $ 16.52 ) and handing out 3-4 silipos pads. It just was’nt making sense to me!

    • April 11, 2009 at 6:10 am

      I wonder what other offices do to sell their products. Sending the letter seems like a great idea. Perhaps having your physician see the actual order costs of inventory may help. I have noticed that all supplies have gone dramatically up in price. I suggest creating a little order form in paper, where your doctor may check-off any suggested items for your patients to buy. This way they can bring it to the front coutner and purchase them there.

      Again thank you for posting comments in here.

      -Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC

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