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ASPMA President’s Message

empty camera 391It is often the simplest of pleasures that can bring some joy in life. Having lived my entire life in Chicago, I know that the main reason I make it through our often wretched winters is because of the promise of better weather to come. This year particularly bore this out as we had one of our loveliest springs in ages. The sight of all those trees and shrubs literally bursting with blooms could raise the lowest of spirits. Though summer has had mixed results so far (one four-letter word: RAIN), you can’t help but love any temperature above 50. We can build up our endurance for what we know is inevitable later in the year; good old winter. I know many of us go through our work days wondering what could hit us next as we worry over fluctuating patient volume, lowered insurance payments, and rising supply costs. But as the first (and often last) people our patients usually encounter, we have to remember that we are there to help them, to ease their pain, and to bring some good solution for their problem. WE are the best advertisement for our doctors and for the care we all can provide. This has been displayed in our office for almost the entire 30 years I’ve worked there – it is not a bad philosophy to follow:


A smile costs nothing, but its value is priceless. It enriches the one who gives it, yet it impoverishes him not. It happens in a flash but the memory may last for days. No one is so rich that he can get along without it. No one is so poor that he cannot afford to give it. A smile generates happiness in the home and good will in business because it says, “I like you. You pleasure me.” If you meet an acquaintance or friend who is too busy to give you a smile, leave one of yours. No one needs a smile so much as the person who has none to give.


Anna M. Fabach PMAC
President, ASPMA

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