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Hello and Happy Spring.

My name is Lisa Crouch and I am your new ASPMA President. I am live in the beautiful northwest, Washington State. I grew up in southern California but have lived in Washington for 35 years where it seems to rain constantly but the colors here are absolutely beautiful in the spring, summer and fall. If you can tolerate the rain in the fall and winter this is a beautiful place to live.

I have been in podiatry 10 and half years, married 35 years and have four grown children and two grandchildren. I am proud to have a son who has served in Iraq as an interrogator and is safely back home for one year now. We look forward to watching him get married this summer.

I am thrilled to be able to serve in this capacity as your President. Please do not hesitate to contact any board member for suggestions or questions. If you are not a member of ASPMA may I encourage you to join and get involved? I never thought I would do anything more than work in the office that I currently do. Two years after working in podiatry I got involved on the state level and then shortly after that I looked into getting certified. What a rewarding experience. There is nothing like advancing your career like this. May I also encourage you to attend the different conferences? I love meeting different people in different states.

We have welcomed 3 new interns at the Midwest Podiatry Conference. They work side by side with our board. They are a wonderful help in the lecture halls and attend all ASPMA events. Why not give it a try and apply for next year? Please visit our website for further information on this great opportunity and further your podiatry career. Let’s all strive for excellence together and thanks you so much for allowing me to serve as your President. I hope to see you all In Boston at our National Meeting.

Have a wonderful spring,

Lisa Crouch,PMAC

ASPMA President

Presidents Message

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