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Members Receiving Certification at Region III

Congratulations to the following members for receiving certification in Administrative or Clinical Podiatric Medical Assisting!



Region III

Atlantic City, NJ

May 12, 2011


Beth Albeck, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Danielle Bonk, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Tara Brown, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Kathleen Caiazzo, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Sandra Camacho, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Stefanie Caton, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Shannon Doyle, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Tammy M. Felmy, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Wendy Filbert, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Diane T. Flynn, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Dorota Graczykl, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Beksy Jurjo, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Douglas Kindle, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Jennifer Lauer, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Laure McShine-Paul, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Beata Markiewicz, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Michelle Murdock, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Joan Mutascio, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Christina O’Neill, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Michelle Peoples, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Kate Reitano, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Noelle Sabella, P.M.A.C. [Administrative]

Deborah Sherrill, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Mary Spry, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Jennifer Veina, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Holly Warunek, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Shannon L. White, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Karen Wood, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Lindsey Yarashus, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Sara Yeager, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

Elaine Young, P.M.A.C. [Clinical]

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