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Message from the ASPMA President


Dear Members:

It is has been two years since I finished my prior Executive Board commitment. With time flying by like it does, I feel like I never left. I was fortunate to still be involved by working as Vice-Chair of the Scientific Program with Tina Del Buono, PMAC. My return has recharged my batteries and I am looking forward to working with so many wonderful and talented people.

2012 seems to be the year of Centennial celebrations. I have read about the Titanic, Girl Scouts of America, National Cherry Blossom Festival, Arizona Statehood, New Mexico Statehood, Woody Guthrie, Better Business Bureau, Fenway Park, and our very own APMA. I am sure this means 2012 will be a history making year.

Region III in Atlantic City will be during the first week of May, which is only two weeks after the Midwest Podiatry Conference in Chicago. This conference is usually well attended by many assistants from all over the country. The Boardwalk overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is quite an experience for those who do not live near a coastline. Assistants will have the opportunity to take our Clinical or Administrative exams as well. Then in August, we will celebrate APMA’s 100th Anniversary in Washington, DC at the APMA National Conference. This program has two-tracks with lots of informative topics. Many are also looking forward to the 5K Run, which is becoming an annual event for APMA and ASPMA. I urge you to join us in Washington, DC for an amazing program and unbelievable sightseeing. You will not be disappointed in the Nation’s Capital.

Have you ever thought of being part of the ASPMA board? Why not start out as an Intern? I encourage all PMAC’s to entertain the idea of being an integral part of educating podiatry assistants. Attend two conferences and be part of the board for a one year term. You can also apply for the position of Secretary of ASPMA, which is also a one year term. Visit our website www.aspma.org to download the applications. It will be one of the most amazing undertakings that you have ever experienced.

Respectfully Submitted,


Nancy E. Diaz, PMAC

President ASPMA

  1. May 9, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Good job to all pediatrics! Well, I am hoping that you keep up the good work.

    Podiatry Dallas

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