A good blog to follow with great posts about practice management. This entry is unique as it deals with a sensitive subject that is often not talked about.

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

Office flirt Working in a smaller physician’s practice, I have not encountered the problem of flirting in the office between co-workers.  I remember when I did work for a large corporation though, we had policies regarding such issues.

It was very frowned upon and supervisors were on the lookout for “the all too friendly talks by the coffee pot.”

Since I have had no real experience with this topic, I decided to talk to my co-workers about it to see what polices or issues they have encountered in past employment.

One of my male co-workers had a very interesting story about when he worked for a large production plant.  He did shift and piecework so he hung out with the group of people he directly worked with for breaks and lunch.

He said that they all were very friendly and joked around with each other, but nothing inappropriate.  There was an older…

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