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Introducing our newly Re-designed website has a new look and feel. Let us know what new features you would like to see on our new website.

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Meet ASPMA President Tressea R. Harvey, PMAC



Hello…My name is Tressea R. Harvey, PMAC and I am the new ASPMA President for the 2013-2014 Term. I have been a member of the ASPMA since 2008 and have served on the Board since 2009.  I am currently the Practice Manager at Foot First Podiatry NA for Dr. Zahid A. Ladha.  The practice I have worked for the past 19 years is located in New Albany, Indiana which is approximately 15 minutes North of Louisville, Kentucky.

When I first started in podiatry I was a Medical Assistant and since then I have had both the privilege and honor to work in many other areas of Podiatry.  I continue to actively clinically assist as well as administrate a successful multi location Clinic. My professional interests include Medical Assisting, Practice Management, Marketing and Development. In addition to Practice Management, I enjoy patient care and clinical responsibilities. I greatly value patient outcomes and have obtained certification in both Diagnostic Ultrasound and Podiatric Radiology.

I am passionate about learning, both continuing my professional education as well as imparting knowledge to others. I am a member of the Indiana Podiatric Medical Assistants Association and also currently serving as Continuing Education Co-Chair. I also enjoy lecturing to various Podiatric Medical Assistants throughout the country. This endeavor has afforded me the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of PMAC’s, DPMs, Allied Health Professionals, Vendors as well as Administrators. Through this I have gained a better understanding of my chosen profession in addition to developing lasting friendships.

For this upcoming year I would like to build upon the strong foundation our retiring President, Nancy E. Diaz, PMAC has set fourth for our Association. We have big shoes to fill! However with your cooperation I am certain we can achieve great things. I would like to incorporate more DPM participation, increase our Membership, increase Membership involvement and Promote the intrinsic value and benefit of the ASPMA.

I look forward to serving as your new President. I would love to hear from you with any ideas or concerns you may have. Please feel free to email me


Tressea R. Harvey, PMAC

ASPMA President

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Message from the ASPMA President



Dear New Member,

On behalf of the entire ASPMA Board and Society I would like to personally welcome you to our Membership. You have taken an exciting step towards enhancing both your professional career and personal growth. The ASPMA affords you the opportunity to expand your Podiatric and Medical knowledge base as well as interact with colleagues in both formal and informal settings. Through the ASPMA you will forge friendships and identify mentors through whom you will be able to share, learn and interact.

This year is an exciting year for the ASPMA. On the heels of the APMA’s 100 year Anniversary, the ASPMA began an innovative endeavor. In order to reach more of our assistants throughout the world, the ASPMA developed and earlier this year implemented, On Line Clinical Exam to earn Certification. This is a first for the ASPMA and currently we are working on developing an Administration On Line Exam to earn Certification. We anticipate this to be in place by the end of this year.

The ASPMA’s commitment to education is strongly evident in our involvement with the various State Societies and APMA Meetings. This year the ASPMA has again help to organize, promote and deliver The Assistance Programs at New York State in NYC, The Midwest in Chicago, Region III in Atlantic City, The APMA National in Las Vegas and Indiana State Meeting in Indianapolis. Additionally the ASPMA has administered the Certifying exam at other State Meetings throughout the country.

The ASPMA has a variety of opportunities for all to be involved. There are many committees, Board Member positions and Voluntary options that always need an extra helping hand. I invite you to contribute to our Journal. Another highly recommended option to understand the inner workings of the ASPMA is the Internship Program. I whole heartedly encourage ALL of our membership to be involved. Together we can achieve great success and continue the legacy of the ASPMA.

We are very proud of our Journal publication and social networking….you can find us on our Website, Facebook, Twitter and our Journal. I highly encourage you to check us out on Facebook, and invite you follow us on Twitter.

I look forward to serving as your President. I would love to hear from you with any ideas or concerns you may have. Please feel free to email me at

Tressea R. Harvey, P.M.A.C. President ASPMA

Register today for the NY Podiatric Clinical Conference

REGISTER ONLINE for the 2013 NY Podiatric Clinical Conference:
JANUARY 25 – 27!

See you there at NY Podiatric Clinical Conference.

The Midwest Podiatry 2013 Registration is now open.

The MPC online registration is open now. Save $20.00 instantly by registering online.

This price is effective until January 3rd 2013.

Midwest Podiatry Conference


April 18-19, 2013  Clinical and Administrative Exams

Hyatt – Downtown

Chicago, IL

Register for Midwest Podiatry Conference at

The ASPMA Podiatric Medical Assisting Certification is Coming On-Line.

The ASPMA certification examination will soon be available online.

Expected lauch date is September 1st, 2012.

If a Podiatric medical assistant chooses to take the tests online they will be able to register through our website – – and once registered, they can begin to take the certification exam.

Medical Assistants will need to obtain the Study Kit Material through our website to learn the material that they will be tested on. Once a medical assistant feels they have learned the subjects for each section, they can then go online and take that section of the examination

We have divided the examination into 7 examination sections. We have done this to make it more attainable to assistants. A medical assistant will be able to study and test for each section individually, allowing them to make progress towards their PMAC status. Once he/she completes taking the 7 exam sections they will obtain Podiatric Medical Assistant Certified (PMAC) status for either the Clinical or the Administrative classification (PMAC-Clinical or PMAC-Administrative). If the assistant chooses to eventually take both exams their classification becomes PMAC.

Each examination section will be priced individually, this means that they can be bought individually.

The integrity of the examination will remain as we have implemented some advanced features on the website. For example each section exam will be timed, the questions will be randomized, screen captures and right clicking will be disabled.

If a medical assistant fails one section, they do not lose progress towards their certification.

The ASPMA Examination and Qualifying Chair will contact the medical assistant and guide them through the requirements so that they can retake that section. Retakes of an examination will be limited per section. A medical assistant will be given a specific period of time of months to complete the entire 7 examination sections, if they are not completed the medical assistant will have to register again and start over.

So…why the change to offer an online exam?

There are so many reasons why we should change to an online exam. For many, many years the exam has been offered in many different states, usually at different meetings. The criteria for the exam to be offered would include a minimum number of registered applicants to offer the test.

The possibility of finding an exam sight in your area can be a disappointing one. Quite often it has not been offered at a good time or location for the assistant, not to mention the cost involved. With the exam online, you can relax at a meeting with no worries or anxieties of taking the test. This allows the freedom to concentrate on the advancement of educational opportunities.

The ASPMA is an organization of many Podiatric Medical Assistants whose purpose is to promote, foster, improve, sustain and advance the profession of Podiatric Medical Assistants. Our goal is to elevate the education. What better way to do this than to have the exam online readily available to anyone regardless of their demographic location or restriction of being able to attend the meetings?

Once certified, a person should feel proud of their accomplishments and wear their certification badge with pride and integrity. Quite often I get asked…”what does PMAC stand for?” When I answer that it is Podiatric Medical Assistant Certified, it gives the patient confidence in allowing me to help make their feet better. Do you want the great satisfaction in the proof of your expertise? Why not invest in the future of your profession?

There are further details that are in the final stages and will be announced very soon. ASPMA is working hard on finishing the beta testing of the website with an estimated roll out date in August 2012. Please visit for more information regarding the ASPMA and certification.

What is PMAC Certification?

ASPMA Certification sets the standard for excellence in the profession of podiatric medical assisting. When you become a PMAC (Podiatric Medical Assistant Certified), you will:

– Increase your prestige and status among your peers.

– Gain satisfaction in the proof of your expertise.

– Enjoy additional competence in your work.

– Upgrade the professionalism of podiatry in your office.

– Enhance your credibility in caring for patients in your doctor’s practice.

– Several states use our Clinical Exam as the bar for their State Podiatric Limited Radiology License.

Who is Eligible?

Any podiatric medical assistant who is a member of the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants and is employed in a podiatry office where the DPM is a member in good standing of APMA may sit for the exam.

How do I become Certified?

First become a member of ASPMA. Then register at least 30 days in advance for any scheduled exam by submitting the required registration form and fee to the Qualifying and Examining Chairperson. To pass the exam and become a certified podiatric medical assistant you must obtain an overall score of at least 70% and not lower that 60% in any one category. The exam contains seven categories.

You may become certified in Clinical or Administrative.

Categories for the Clinical Exam include:

– General Information and Knowledge of Podiatry

– Anatomy/Biomechanics

– Terminology

– Clinical Testing and Procedures

– Surgical Instrumentation

– Radiology

– Medical Emergencies and CPR

Study kits are available and 3-5 months of study time is recommended.

Invitation to the Midwest Podiatry Conference 2012



On April 19th, 2012 begins the 7th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants at the Midwest Podiatry Conference. This year’s conference is an exceptional experience and incredible value. The MPC offers a 2 ½ day Assistants Program. And 20.5 CME’s for the Certified Podiatric Medical Assistant.

It’s not too late to register, go to to register online. ASPMA members can register for only $200.00 non-members are $255.00 until April 14th. On April 15th ASPMA member registration will be $220.00 non-members will be $285.00. The large exhibit hall is another important aspect of the Conference. This hall is one of the biggest venues for doctors and assistants to see the latest technology and innovations that affect our profession.

We look forward to seeing you April 19 – 22, 2012!

Karen M. Keathley, PMAC

Executive Director, ASPMA

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Bring Your Extra Shoes to the Midwest Podiatry Conference

Share Your Soles Shoe Drive @ MPC

Thursday, April 19 – Saturday, April 21, 2012

Share Your Soles will once again be collecting gently used shoes at the Midwest Podiatry
Conference (MPC) on Thursday, April 19th through Saturday, April 21st at the Hyatt
Regency Chicago, 151 E. Wacker Dr., Gold Level, West Tower (near registration)

Since 1999, Share Your Soles has delivered thousands of pairs of shoes to desperately
impoverished people in places like Central America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean,
Appalachia, Africa, India, Haiti, Eastern Europe and even American Indian reservations.
Share Your Soles is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.
Donation receipts will be made available at the IPMA booth on the exhibit floor (one
level below registration). If you have any questions, please call the Illinois Podiatric
Medical Association at 312-427-5810, ext. 18.

All ASPMA Recertification Questionnaires Available Online


The following will apply for CME credit for the 2012-2013 recertification year.  All completed answer sheets should be held until you receive your recertification notice in the mail (April of 2012).  At that time attach all JOURNAL answer sheets to your notice and mail to:

Should you have any questions about PMAC Recertification please contact Paula Hollister, PMAC

1st Quarter Questionnaire


2nd Quarter Questionnaire


3rd Quarter Questionnaire


3rd Quarter X Rays Questionnaire


4th Quarter Questionnaire


Recertification Questionnaires

PMAC Re-Certification Is Now Open.



From the desk of Paula Hollister, PMAC Recertification Chair:

April is time to renew your PMAC status, yes time to recertify.

May I personally congratulate all PMAC’s for their efforts in promoting podiatry!

For all PMAC’s who became certified in the months of January through March 2012, you do not have to recertify this year, however beginning  with your renewal next year,  you will need 20 credits due April 2013 along with the normal fee ($26.00 with $1.00 donated to the Educational Fund and any amount you submit above this amount).  Also, the completed RECERTIFICATION APPLICATION.

For all PMAC’S who became certified in the months of August through December 2011, you will need to submit 10 credits (this is ½ the normal required amount of credits), $13.00 Renewal fee (this is ½ the usual amount) with $.50 donated to the ASPMA Educational Fund, (and any amount you submit above this amount). Also, the completed RECERTIFICATION APPLICATION.

For all of us PMAC’S who have done this a few times> – You are required to submit the full year of renewal, this includes proof of your 20 CME, and your renewal fee of $26.00 of which $1.00 is donated to the Educational Fund along with any amount you submit over this amount.  ).  Also, the completed RECERTIFICATION APPLICATION.

NOTICE TO ALL PMAC’S: a late fee of $25.00 is applied if your material is not postmarked on or before May 2, 2012.

Any PMAC, whom has not recertified by June 15, 2012, is no longer considered a PMAC and will have to retake the test in order to gain that status again.

All qualifying material accumulated during 2011, this would include any 2011 Journal questionnaires answered, any seminars or conferences attended during 2011.  The hours for each meeting are based on contact hours offered in the meetings.  Certificated given to you at the meetings will reflect hours you can use.  If certificates do not reflect credit hours, a copy of the program must be included.  Submit all material, applicable fees made out to ASPMA CERTIFICATION FUND and the form titled RECERTIFICATION APPLICATION to:

Paula Hollister, PMAC-Recertification Chair

P.O. Box 249

Sturgis, Mi. 49091

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for making this process easier please do not hesitate to share them with me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it