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How To Respond To A Medicare Audit | Podiatry Today


How To Respond To A Medicare Audit


12 Dec 2008


By Anthony Poggio, DPM

While undergoing a Medicare audit can be a stressful situation, this author emphasizes cooperation and documentation, and outlines key factors that commonly trigger an audit of one’s practice.

     You have been notified that you are about to be audited by Medicare. Do not panic. Audits are simply the cost of doing business. Many entities may audit you during the lifetime of your practice. Your practice may be subject to audits from insurance companies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

     When you receive the initial letter, read it carefully to determine exactly what information they want. Send in chart notes for the specific dates of service requested as well as any other documentation that would support the services rendered on that day. This could include laboratory results, X-ray reports, photographs, consultations from other physicians, etc.

     When reviewing the audit letter, especially if the letter requests multiple charts, see if there seems to be some type of underlying theme in the chart notes. Were the requested patient charts those of nursing home patients, surgical patients or routine foot care patients?    

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