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Physician Online Reviews: Do you see what they see?

me By: Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC

921297_travellerWe look in the mirror every morning before we step out and carry on our day to make sure we present well in all of our daily business interactions. We ensure that our business’s practices reflect that of integrity and good customer service. However, do you take the time out to check your practice’s online presence? Many times, a physician’s  reputation and practice suffers as a result of unnoticed negative reviews or comments online.

Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your business shines online with a healthy presence.

  • Perform a simple Google search of your practice’s name, or Physician’s name.
  • Assess the information listed online: Keep printouts of the reviews various sites may have, along with the URL(website address). This comes in handy for future monitoring of additional reviews on these sites. Make sure to share the information you found with your entire practice.
  • Positively manage negative content online: A great tip to deal with a negative review is to enlist positive reviews from your other patients. In doing so, this will help you overwhelm the negative review when a lot more positive reviews are posted. This Article will give you additional helpful tips.
  • In the absence of an online presence, make one for your practice: The best marketing you can do is to have online profile listings on many sites. Here is a list of some website portals to get you started. Each one of the following links takes you to the support page to help you claim your business and manage your online profiles:

yellow pages

Google online listings


Health Grades


  • Make sure all listing have accurate information about your practice. Do all listings have the correct “Contac US” information and your Website address listed? Include pictures, times of operation, services available, and insurances accepted among others.
  • Encouraging satisfied patients to go online and post positive reviews. The most powerful marketing tool are positive reviews. Have small cards with the website addresses to your online postings, direct patients to go online and give you good reviews. Remember a lot of your patients are more than eager to tell others about you.

A small cautionary warning is to refrain yourself, other employees, or relatives from going online and posting positive reviews. Not only is this unethical, but many recent instances have brought embarrassment to businesses for doing exactly this. Remember even if anonymous, postings can always be traced back to an IP address ( the address to the computer used).

Through out the month make sure you periodically monitor your practice’s online presence. A lot more patients are going online and doing simple searches to find referrals to physicians. It is extremely crucial to do so, since it is easier for unsatisfied customers to go online and often anonymously post negative comments that reach a far greater audience.

7 Effective Ways To Market Your Practice in the 21st Century


7 Effective Ways To Market Your Practice in the 21st Century

Oct 16, 2009

by Ron Zeisler


The days of hanging your shingle outside your front door and waiting for new patients to arrive has all but disappeared. The perception of how a doctor should grow his or her practice has changed throughout the years. The evolution in medical and dental marketing has become tremendously sophisticated. Fierce competition has caused practices to seek marketing alternatives in order to survive and prosper.
In today’s environment, it is not enough for doctors to rely on just the quality and reputation of the practice, but they must also create an image and brand to generate and sustain their patient base. A good reputation is still the cornerstone to success. However, to grow the practice big enough to earn that reputation, a new doctor must think outside the box. That reputation will come as a direct result of the doctor’s ability to market himself or herself in the community. Health- and dental-care are businesses just like any other sector, and doctors need to apply the same principals and strategies to be profitable as other businesses. 
Through the years, I have advised health-care professionals on how to grow their practices. Implementing the following marketing strategies will enable you to accomplish these goals and help create new sources of revenue.

Step 6: Office appearance and attitude
A health-care professional’s office is a direct reflection of the image he or she is trying to exhibit. The space in which you practice plays an important role in how your patients perceive you. A clean and up-to-date working environment goes a long way. Staff members with a great attitude are also essential to your success. Have your staff greet your patients courteously, professionally, and with a cheerful attitude. After all, the first person a patient meets in the office plays a crucial role in establishing comfort and confidence. Try to make your reception area as user-friendly as possibly by having a water dispenser or an instant coffee maker available. Make sure that your office is Internet accessible for laptop computer users. Have toys that will interest and occupy a child while the parent is waiting to see the doctor. All of these little details will go a long way to adding to your bottom line.

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How to Market a Medical Practice


How to Market a Medical Practice

By Susan Payton, eHow Contributor

With fierce competition in the medical industry, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of competition. A well-developed marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd and increase sales for your medical practice.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing budget
  • Social media accounts

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How to Market a Medical Practice