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7 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Practice

"What you get by achieving your goals is as important as what you become by achieving your goals."
Henry David Thoreau

By: Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC

fireworks4The New Year is here and we have all set our personal goals for this time. However, have you started to set your Practice’s Resolution?

Even if you don’t believe in resolution setting, you should adopt a plan of 7 necessary goals to help your practice thrive in 2012.

1. Increase sales in 2012

Reporting of how many new patients you see in your office on a monthly or quarterly basis is crucial. Spot who your top referral sources are, and identify inactive referral sources who you can reach out to.

Do your new patient referrals walk away because of lack of appointment availability? Are patient’s not been fitted in on urgent basis because you have a full schedule? Effective scheduling and increased efficiency can help you meet high demand for appointment spots.

2. Market your business online

Does your practice reach out on social media websites like Facebook business pages, or other sites like yelp, or even on the yellow pages?

Start by updating your profiles with pictures, bio information, listing of your office hours and availability of your services. When you put a face to your business online profiles, people can be drawn to call your office for an appointment.

3. Establish your reputation within your community

Is your office one that is known for being honest, upfront about your office policies, and willing to go the extra mile to meet your patient’s needs?

Working those few extra minutes of lunch or after-hours to meet the extra need of an emergency can potentially create a loyal patient, and a great referral source. Satisfied patients who were helped are more likely to talk about your business than those who feel neglected.

4. Be more Productive

Often times, it is not how fast you can do things, or how much you invest in technology that propels you forward. But rather, it is simplifying processes and systems.  Can you eliminate unnecessary waste of resources and energy? Can you simplify a process to allow for less error creation?

5. Negotiate better prices for your inventory items like DME and Medical Supplies

Will buying higher quantities yield you a better price? Ask for promotional prices from conferences the week before and the week, you will be surprised at cost savings you may be missing. Oftentimes, you can save hundreds of dollars by buying bulk on conference promotions. It never hurts to ask for a better price.

6. Establish and promote a healthy Work environment

Is your entire staff inspired to be present and connected at work every day? Smiles and job satisfaction should be your practice’s daily priority goal. When the going gets tough, a team that plays well together will stay together. Allow time to celebrate your team and each individual in it. A happy work environment will shine to everyone coming in through your doors.

Remember individuals who feel a connection to the business and its services tend to be happier. Think less micromanaging,  and more empowerment.

7. Promote training and skill sharpening in your office

Cultivation of new skills can create self and professional growth in any job position.

Are individuals able to cross train? Can people help out in other jobs or positions when someone is sick? Are there rewards to learning and taking on more responsibilities? Learning should be part of your business, promoting people’s strengths in their respective areas, while strengthening other’s weaknesses with additional training.

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.”
Mortimer Adler

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Should You Go to Work When You’re Sick?


Should You Go to Work When You’re Sick?

You might feel that you’re letting the team—or yourself—down, but there are lots of reasons not to work if you’re not up to it

byBruce Weinstein, PhD




You buy your morning paper, and the fellow who sells it to you sneezes into his hand—the same hand he then uses to give you your change. At the counter of your favorite coffee shop, the barista wipes her red and runny nose, grabs a paper cup, and prepares your grande latte. At the office, a colleague approaches you, shakes your hand, and then he complains about the nasty cold he has.

The next day, you awaken with a sore throat and feel progressively worse as the day goes on. You don’t sleep well that night, because somehow you’ve just come down with a cold. Hmm. Might there be a connection between the first series of events and the second?


Full Article: Should You Go to Work When You’re Sick?

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Is your email Inbox full? Regain Control of it today!

1040399___mailbox__We all have email accounts, and at one point or other they can become unmanageable. There are some easy steps you can take to regain control of your inbox.


Here is a great article that will help you achieve that: How to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control

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