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ASPMA Board and Intern Position Opportunities

Ever wanted to get involved in a National Educational Organization where you can make an impact in the profession of Podiatric Medical Assisting and in Podiatry? Here is your chance, apply for the following positions and get involved.

LINK: Follow the link to read more.


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Job Opportunity in Mundelein, IL

Part-time opportunity for PMAC, 20 hours per week. Established solo practice in Mundelein, IL.

Job duties include digital x-rays, orthotic impressions, rooming patients, vital signs, assisting DPM with minor procedures, and stocking & ordering of supplies.
Knowledge of TrakNet software helpful. Bilingual a plus.
Interested candidates please call Amy Zeivel at (847)566-9030, or e-mail resume to

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A good blog to follow with great posts about practice management. This entry is unique as it deals with a sensitive subject that is often not talked about.

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

Office flirt Working in a smaller physician’s practice, I have not encountered the problem of flirting in the office between co-workers.  I remember when I did work for a large corporation though, we had policies regarding such issues.

It was very frowned upon and supervisors were on the lookout for “the all too friendly talks by the coffee pot.”

Since I have had no real experience with this topic, I decided to talk to my co-workers about it to see what polices or issues they have encountered in past employment.

One of my male co-workers had a very interesting story about when he worked for a large production plant.  He did shift and piecework so he hung out with the group of people he directly worked with for breaks and lunch.

He said that they all were very friendly and joked around with each other, but nothing inappropriate.  There was an older…

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Achieve Job Satisfaction by Following Your Job Description.

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

Does this ever happen to you? You go to work, you prioritize the items on your desk and no matter how hard you work, you leave work feeling unaccomplished.

One of the reasons you may be feeling this way is because you may be working on items that are either low on your job responsibilities, or  just not part of them.

We often stray from what we are hired to do. Sometimes, we take on extra projects. Other times we just say “yes” to doing low priority tasks that we think we can get done fast, but in the end take far longer to complete and just accumulate on your desk. It can just happen unintentionally, but in the end it holds you back.

It is time to bring out your printed job responsibilities and get back in track. A good suggestion is to sit with your employer or immediate…

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You must report 10 e-prescriptions with

You must report 10 e-prescriptions with code G8553 to Medicare by June 30th, 2012 to avoid the E-prescribing penalties.

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“Value the relationship.- If you want p

“Value the relationship.- If you want people around you to value having a relationship with you, you must truly believe that relationship building is important.”

This is a great article to share with your office.

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Every Word Counts: First Encounters

by: Jesus C. Vazquez

Running a practice in the current, ever-changing, model of practicing medicine can be a challenging endeavor, not only for the physician, but also for the entire staff. Often times, the majority of the time patients spend is in encounters with the office staff. This can be a challenging task, due to the diversity of personalities, and backgrounds of your patients. With the shrinking reimbursements, and overwhelming amount of insurance denials, the practice of today has to see more and more patients to keep their doors open. Often times, this leads to the decline of quality care that patients receive.

At times offices invest in expensive computer systems, hire consultants, all in hopes to optimize their income and productivity. Ultimately this can be a wise investment.

Have you ever considered that you already have the valuable tools, to increase quality of care, while at the same time optimizing revenue for your practice?

They are Words: they are free and are the most powerful tools to ensure the success of your practice.Take into consideration that the words you choose to present information are extremely crucial to their perception and assessment of the quality of care they receive in your practice. From this point on, lets not call the individuals coming through your door “patients”, but instead, they should be referred to as “guests”. And what is a great host to do, but to ensure a happy visit and a comfortable encounter at your office.

Provide an enthusiastic greeting

Take for example the greeting your office staff provides to your guests walking in. Is that person simply acknowledging their entrance and going through the modalities of checking them in? Or is this person greeting them with enthusiasm and a genuine welcome? It is important that your office agrees in the manner that you greet your guests. Individuals require the constant need to feel comfortable; they require the need to feel they have made the right choice to come in to your practice. Remember individuals tend to be drawn towards those who they can relate to and with those who can understand them.

Since words are very powerful, here are some phrases you might consider using:

“It is nice to see you come in”.

“Thank you for coming in today”

Remember our practices depend on the continual cycle of guests coming in. Every single person feels the desire to belong, the need to be appreciated. Make your patients feel connected with your practice and with the staff that always provides them with a warm welcome and a friendly goodbye.

“You are always on-time on our clock”

If you want to make a good impression, and acknowledge the importance of every individual walking in, even if they are late, use this phrase. Often times tardy patients are acknowledged with a rushed look and a dissatisfied greeting. Make sure that you let your patients know their importance; and that being late for what-ever reason will not set the tone for their entire appointment. Take for example what happens at the airport when you miss your plane. The airline doesn’t simply send you home. They put you on the next plane.

So should your office allow your patient to be seen, be allowed to take the next available appointment. Realize that when you anxiously wait for a guest at home, you welcome them with excitement and a warm welcome no matter what the circumstances of their arrival.

“Thank you for bringing this up”

Dealing with complaints is highly uncomfortable and undesired for most individuals. By nature we would like to flee every time we know we’ll be dealing with a tough situation. Instead, take note of complains and assure your guest that the issue will be addressed and that you will get back to them with a resolution. Realize that helping solve complains along side of your guest can further strengthen the relationship between all parties involved. It is when your patients feel welcomed to address any issues that they feel the desire to continue their care at your office. Besides, how is an office to improve when it knows not what it is doing wrong?

“We made a mistake, but my name is________ and I will make sure we address this issue with priority”

The best practice is not the one that makes no mistakes, but the one that makes the least. It is extremely important that every individual owns their mistakes, especially clerical mistakes. How many times do you fail to get an authorization and later your guest calls wondering whatever happened with that request. Never lie to your guests. Everyone is owed the respect to be told that something has fallen through the cracks and that extra attention will be put into addressing the issue. Never lie or try and hide the truth.

Wouldn’t you rather have your office be known for making a mistake, rather than being called a liar once your guest finds out the truth. We all make mistakes, and acknowledging them and addressing them makes your office more human, and respected for speaking the truth. Remember your guests value consistent honesty, which will determine good outcomes. Honesty fosters good relations, and dependency to work any issue out.

We all deserve words that make us feel comfortable to be part of something. By selecting key phrases your office can improve satisfaction and quality for your guests. Every individual wants to relate to your office, to each staff member. Remember your when it comes to caring for your guests, words can have a meaningful impact in helping you achieve higher quality care. And the best thing about it, is that words are free to use. Make sure your words express genuine care, do not be a story teller, rather be a story maker!

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APMA will be reaching its 100th Anniversary!

APMA’s 100th Anniversary will be celebrated in a huge way this August at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington DC

Have you registered your spot at this amazing conference?

Visit for more information.

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Job Opportunity: Podiatric Medical Assistant position in Phoenix

Back Office, 31-39 hrs per week(during 8:30-5 M-F hrs).

  • Must have reliable transportation. Offices in Central Phoenix. 
  • Dependability is crucial.
  • Podiatric or orthopedic experience/CMA certification/limited radiology certificate helpful but not required. 
  • Apply only if you are excited about working in a friendly, modern and professional environment and have good communication skills, good physical hygeine, and are a non-smoker.
  • Must be willing to do mundane, but necessary tasks as well as assisting in procedures, changing surgical dressings, removing sutures, applying and removing casts, performing injections, etc.

Will train additional skills to someone that is motivated to learn and is interested in becoming a valuable asset to our team! Outgoing personality is a must!

Typical BO job description (rooming patients, taking histories in our electronic medical records and performing chart documentation, preparing trays, sterilizing and cleaning instruments, stocking rooms, assisting the doctor, etc.) all necessary… but may occasionally be asked to participate in marketing, assisting front office personnel, answering and returning phone calls, etc.

Must be Team Player and willing to work side-by-side with other employees in small office setting, expect some cross-training. Excellent opportunity for excellent candidate! We offer excellent compensation based on experience with review for increase in 90 days. 

Looking to fill position immediately send resume to:

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Ancient Xrays

See one of the earliest Xray Machines come back to life.

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